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June 8th Workshop- Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products and Mosquito Spray with Debra Craddock

June 8th Workshop- Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products and Mosquito Spray with Debra Craddock

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Are you sick of spraying toxic chemicals in your home to get it clean?  Do you hate mosquito bites, but hate the dangerous things you have to use to keep them at bay even more?  We have a workshop that you will love! Debra Craddock will teach you to make safe and effective all-natural cleaning supplies as well as her famous mosquito repellent.

Hi, I am Debra! 

I have long been interested in natural EVERYTHING. I blame my grandmother - she was the same way. Why? The natural way just makes sense. It’s real. It’s simple. It’s abundant. I used to clean my house with Clorox to the point that it smelled like a swimming pool. I figured it probably wasn’t healthy and this began my search for alternatives. The formula I’ve been using for years has all natural ingredients that, when combined, are a true force in cleaning and disinfecting. 

The mosquito spray came about when my daughter came back from lake Powell with huge, painful welts from bites. Let’s the experiments begin!After several attempts we landed on one that worked. The next trip she took, she was the only one who came back without a single bite!Again, natural, easy to come by ingredients are what makes this a stand out. I’m not a nurse or a doctor but I have done my research and it’s something that I am passionate about and love to share what I’ve learned and hope that there is something that someone can share so I can learn something new!

The workshop will be held at the Tribal Sugar shop in the Riverwoods Shopping Village in Provo, Utah on June 8th at 7:00pm.  The cost of the workshop includes  supplies needed to make your own natural disinfecting counter spray and also a safe mosquito repellent that really works! Come sit at our table and learn how to keep your family safe and healthy this Spring.  


For this workshop  there will only be 8 seats available, so please sign up quickly to reserve your spot! 

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